e hënë, 3 mars 2008

2 Quarts of Tanning Lotion, Stat!

Normally she would be marginally hot, but the fact that she’s willing to show us half a boob makes her instantly skanky-fine. The tanline really isn’t that bad. Number 10.


Wouldn’t it be ironic if he actually applied the lotion with a douche? Or is it not ironic because you would expect it? I can never keep it straight.


The only thing weirder than the whole bird flu scare is the fact that you’re not that surprised by this tan line.


His chest looks like the negative of a planetarium.


It would be sweet if the girl on the right was wearing white sunglasses & walking on her hands. Then they would look exactly like a yin-yang.


Oh look, he made a friend. Do you think their lotion gets all smeared when they make out?


Looks like the Chocolate Factory is missing a worker.


Daddy like…she’s hot, and she really, really wants attention.


Do you think this guy can pinpoint the exact moment in time that he stopped giving enough of a fuck to become this incredibly awesome?


I’m 100% sure that it would be ironic if she owned a pair of leather pants.

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